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Qualità, convenienza, cortesia
Fil Lampo: a leader factory
On market since 1986, the Fil Lampo S.r.l. born with goal to affirm itself in the time like leader factory in the distribution of sewing thread and accessories for clothes and sitting room factory.

Parallel with own Business Mission, the Fil Lampo S.r.l. today is taking a diffused presence on the regional territory with articles destinated not only to a medium-small customers, but also of dimension more consistent thanks to a rational distribution, optimal and to a business agile organization, modern, to the vanguard and strongly competitive.

For info about our products, visit our collection or send an e-mail to:

Fil lampo s.r.l. Via Torre d'Agera, 2 - 70032 Bitonto (BA) Tel. 080 3717504 - Fax 080 3742917 P.iva: 03517930727 e-mail: © 2001-2019